When to see a Speech Pathologist

West Coast Speech Pathology is a professional and family friendly Private Clinic based in Hillarys, Western Australia.
We provide services to children from 16 months onwards.

When to See a
Speech Pathologist

If your child is not achieving the age appropriate milestones for speech, language, and or communication they may benefit from seeing an experienced Speech Pathologist at West Coast Speech Pathology to ensure your child has the appropriate skills to communicate confidently in all stages of life.

Please see our brief checklist of skills that children of each age should be demonstrating. For more information please see Speech Pathology Australia’s Fact Sheets or subscribe to our mailing list for a copy of West Coast Speech Pathology’s Ages and Stages handouts.

2 Years of Age

  • Names at least five body parts
  • Understands and follows simple instructions (E.g., Where’s your bottle?)
  • Identifies pictures in books
  • Uses more than 50 Words across word categories
  • Answers yes/no questions
  • Joins into simple songs (E.g., Twinkle Twinkle, Baa Baa Black Sheep)
  • Formulates short phrases (E.g., All gone, I want more)

3 Years of Age

  • Follows two step instructions (E.g., Get the ball and the car)
  • Understands the concept of ‘in’, ‘on’, and ‘under’
  • Understands simple concepts (E.g., Big, little, happy, sad, clean, dirty)
  • Answers ‘Who’, ‘Where’, and ‘What’ questions
  • Names actions in pictures
  • Begins to use basic grammatical markers (E.g., -ing, -ed, and plurals)
  • Uses simple conjunctions (and)
  • Uses three to four word phrases
  • Can be understood by most familiar adults

4 Years of Age

  • Understands shapes and colours
  • Answers ‘Why’, ‘How’ and ‘How many’ questions
  • Understands more complex concepts (E.g., heavy, light, soft, hard)
  • Can sort objects and items into categories
  • Can follow three step instructions (E.g., Get the car, give it to Dad, and put the ball in the box)
  • Can ask questions of all different types (E.g., Where, when, what, who, why)
  • Can be understood by most adults
  • Begin to use more complex conjunctions (E.g., but, because, so)
  • Identifies rhyming words

5 Years of Age

  • Understands opposites and negation
  • Uses complete sentences with correct grammatical markers
  • Describes events that are happening or have happened (Can tell a simple story with when, who, where, what happened and an ending)
  • Can explain the function of an object or why something happened
  • Can break words into syllables
  • Can identify and produce rhyming words
  • Can identify first, middle and last sounds in words
  • Knows letter sounds and names

Why chose Private
Speech Pathology Services?

West Coast Speech Pathology offers you the opportunity to have your child’s needs seen to quickly and effectively thus providing timely intervention to maximize the best outcome for your child. It will also allow you to schedule Speech Pathology appointments that fit into your busy family routines.

At West Coast Speech Pathology we ensure that all therapy and treatment programs are individualised to cater to the needs of each and every child we see.

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