West Coast Speech Pathology is a professional and family friendly Private Clinic based in Hillarys, Western Australia.
We provide services to children from 16 months onwards.

Initial Assessment Session

An initial assessment session will be conducted to determine if your child requires the help of a Speech Pathologist.

Each assessment session varies depending on your child’s needs, however thirty to sixty minutes should be sufficient for the administration of the initial assessment as well as a brief discussion of the results and recommendations. To assist us with the assessment process please complete the Parent Questionnaire and bring this along with you to the initial assessment session.

If a formal, written report is required this can be arranged for you upon request.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the assessment processes and fees associated with these services.

30 Minute Therapy Session

This session is great for young children who have short attention spans or behavioural issues. They are also great for older children who have busy schedules juggling school, sports, and other after school activities.

45 Minute Therapy session

This session is recommended for children who have more complex needs so that a number of different therapy goals can be targeted. It can also be useful for family’s who cannot attend therapy on a regular basis

Home or School Visits

West Coast Speech Pathology can conduct any of our services at your own home or your child’s school. You will need to seek permission from your child’s school to ensure that there is an appropriate work space to carry out the service. School and Home Visits will be charged at the same rate as Private Clinic Visits, however an additional travel fee will be charged.

School Screening Services

West Coast Speech Pathology also provides a screening service to primary schools. We typically conduct screening for children from Kindergarten to Year Three. However arrangements can be made to screen children up to lower secondary school. Our screens are conducted to identify any children who have speech and or language difficulties. Once screening is completed, each child receives a brief report detailing the assessment results.

Children who require the assistance of a Speech Pathologist can then attend sessions at our Private Clinic, or therapy sessions can be arranged at the school. If there are more than three children receiving therapy on the same day, the usual travel fee will be waived.

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